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We provide you with expert advice, prompt answers, and access to all cancer treatment modalities including proton therapy.


In the heart of Dubai Healthcare City, SAH Intego is our branch office serving Patients and Physicians with :

To answer the growing demand for access to cutting-edge cancer treatment modalities in the GCC, SAH Global, a leader in cutting-edge cancer care and Intego Health a healthcare investment and management company, have entered into a Joint Venture to develop an integrated and diversified health care services company, facilitating innovative and technologically advanced health care products and services in the UAE.

Watch Mr. Feroz AGAD, Chairman of SAH Global, and Dr. Sajid BURUD, Executive Director of Intego Health, announcing the creation of SAH Intego : 

SAH Intego is a collaborative approach between patients and healthcare providers to facilitate informed decision-making, and to improve clinical outcomes.

Patients and Physicians seek knowledgeable, friendly providers who spend adequate time examining and discussing their concerns, providing explanations pertaining to potentially ambiguous lab results, need for follow-up appointments, and prescriptions.

Transparency and patient autonomy enable individuals to become an active participant in their care by emphasizing health education and increasing involvement regarding choices in health maintenance and treatment. 

We aim to grow as a network into every community making patients and physicians recognize us as their “NEIGHBORHOOD HEALTHCARE PARTNER”.

We accompany and closely support patients, trough medical records collection, and diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

SAH Intego ensures that patients from across the world can have access to the best treatments available. We work tirelessly with local physicians and a global network of leading healthcare providers to bring excellent quality cancer care to our patients. Our team, partners, and supporters share a commitment to improve the delivery of high-quality, patient-centric cancer care.

Through travel medicine, we have found a way to provide access to advanced cancer care for those who live in areas where proton therapy centers are yet to be built. We believe that patients deserve to receive the most advanced cancer treatment in the world today despite geographic boundaries and limitations. When faced with a frightening cancer diagnosis, patients gain comfort in knowing they are being treated by some of the most experienced proton therapy physicians and scientists in the world today. The SAH Care team provides this compassionate, comprehensive care to patients wherever they live. 

Our regional network of Healthcare professionals increases your access to the best in cancer care.

Access Advanced Technologies Tools to Fight Your Cancer

Bone Marrow Transplants

Including Autologous Transplantation, Pediatrics, Adults

Surgical Procedures

Including Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery, Neurosurgery


Oral, Intravenous (IV), Injection, Intrathecal, Inrapeeritoneal, Intra-arterial, Topical

Hematology and Oncology

The Latest Tools to Ensure Accurate, Innovative Personalized Cancer Testing


Including Monoclonal Antibodies and Cancer Vaccines

Targeted Therapy

Including the Latest in Targeted Radiotracers

Radiation Therapy

Including Proton Therapy, Tomotherapy, IMRT, IGRT, SRS

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Including PET/CT, MRI, Mammography, X-ray

Clinical Trials

Trials for Prevention, Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment and Supportive Care

We are specialized in Proton Therapy, highly effective at treating numerous cancers and tumors :

If your doctor hasn’t mentioned proton therapy as a treatment option, it may be because its availability is not widely known. Currently, there are very few proton therapy facilities in the world and as a result, many doctors have not yet had the opportunity to work with this precision form of radiation. We are happy to provide information on proton therapy for you to share with your doctor. We will discuss the details of the therapy and its benefits with your physician as you make crucial treatment decisions.

How it works

4 steps to your personalized proton therapy treatment

2. Plan your visit

Once your case has been fully evaluated, we will proceed with arranging your treatment

3. Get treated

Our doctors, care team and staff will work with you to ensure a comfortable treatment experience

4. Follow-up

Our doctors and care coordinators will work with you to determine the best course of follow-up care

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